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Preparation for Selling your Home is the most important step in marketing your property

June 30, 2017

Preparation for Selling your Home

You can increase your chances of a successful result in the marketing of your home by preparing your home for sale.

This is something that should be done before your real estate agent review and perform any outstanding maintenance work on the property as these types of repairs and preparations can be made to potentially raise the price of the home by improved presentation. Think about how you felt when you saw your home it for the first time. Were there certain features that you decided to fix later, but never did?

The cheapest and simplest ways to prepare your home for sale is to declutter the home remove personal and belongings. Systematically go from room to room and remove everything not required. This includes clearing wardrobes, and removing personal collections or toys. You should also remove paperwork, appliances and decorative items from kitchen benches and white goods to give the appearance of more space. This can take a bit of time and effort, but it will make a enormous difference in the home’s appearance. Remember that a buyer wants to visualise their own possessions in the home, and having excess personal items around could be a deterrent. Also check that all lighting in the home is working replace any blown bulbs.

It’s an extremely important fact to remember kerb appeal

You can make the exterior of the home look its best by ensuring the garden is well maintained and groomed by trimming shrubs and weeding and plus giving a fresh coat of paint to the property if needed. Review the preparation sheet from Image Flair Photography With the house now perfect and free from clutter, you can think about ways to showcase the function of each room in the property. If you have a spare room you use for exercise that is currently filled with equipment, you might want to think about setting it up as a extra bedroom or study instead to appeal in a wider range of buyers.

It’s then time to ask yourself whether your house is ready to be listed. It’s advantageous to have an outsider appraisal of your home in an objective manner to seek out any other possible areas for improvement. You don’t want to leave this task in the home of friends or family, because they may not notice any faults. This is also an issue to discuss with your real estate agent. You can talk about which types of repairs or other preparations can be made to potentially raise your sale price and make your home more attractive.

Also, the images presented on the internet can be an important factor as over 90% of buyer look for a home on-line. First impressions are extremely important, after price by defining if a buyer will want to see the rest of your home. Contact Image Flair Photography for your marketing images

Be sure not to let an emotive attachment to your home or thoughts about your agent affect any business decisions you make.








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