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Virtual Staging: To improve the presentation

Image Flair Photography offers Virtual Staging to assist in attracting prospective buyers in the Northern Gold Coast , Brisbane Southside and the Scenic Rim areas. Using editing techniques coupled with our property photography to de-clutters a room or adding stylish furniture without the seller having to empty the room, restyle or get a stager in and hire furniture

Unstaged Living Area
Unstaged Living Area

Virtual Staging in a Living Area
Virtual Staging in a Living Area

First impressions are important. It can mean the difference between someone going to a property or maybe not even looking at the home

Buyers looking for real estate properties online is their first step in looking for a new home or investment. It gives prospective clients feel for the properties and how the space could be used before they enter the home.

Unstaged Living and Kitchen Area
Unstaged Living and Kitchen Area

Virtual Staging in a Living and Kitchen Area
Virtual Staging in a Living and Kitchen Area

The trend of using Virtual Staging embracing the real estate industry by reducing costs and improving profits for vendors while attracting more people to open viewings of homes and properties.

Virtual Staging shows the room use and presents your clients with an idea of the of dimensions the room.

By simply adding furniture to room virtually instead of hiring from a staging company recuses the cost of presenting the home at $75.00 per room compared to Staging a home at $4000.00 plus. This skill can also be used to declutter rooms which may have untidy tenants or replacing outdated furniture to modernize a property.

A percentage agents think when people arrive there will be no furniture in the property and will be a disappointment this can be avoided by Disclosing this on the online advertising for the property

But clients who visited a property only to find it empty had been disappointed only when they. Are not aware that the rooms are virtually staged. It can achieve some core items of presenting a property, decluttering, and depersonalizing along with highlighting what the room can look like.

  • Virtual staging can used by an increasing number of sellers in residential and commercial properties of all values and sizes

  • It adds interest in rooms where there were no furnishing and can assist in modernizing a property

  • Real estate agents admit it can increase their property viewings and sales

  • Reducing costs for vendors as an alternative to hiring furniture and styling a home

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